Prices of products sold and payment

Kelliotika.gr reserves the right to adjust prices without notice. Shipping costs can be added to product prices, for which visitor/user/customer will be informed before asked to pay for his order.

The payment must be made on completion of the order. Kelliotika.gr may not carry out the mission and/or to cancel the order if it has not been made in full payment of the products contained therein.

Immediately upon completion of the order of the user/visitor/customer will be informed by e-mail about the market.

Payment methods

Kelliotika.gr gives the possibility to pay your order in the following ways:

  • by deposit in the bank account of kelliotika.gr
  • cash on delivery

Delivery methods

The order of the user/visitor/customer can be done with one of the following ways:

  • on site by courier. The products that are part of the order will be sent to the address that the visitor/user/customer is set up with courier service.

The visitor/user/customer will be informed by e-mail about the shipping of your order.


In cases where the products contained in the order of the visitor/user/customer is not available you will be informed by e-mail about the exact shipping time.

If the new terms of execution of the request does not meet the visitor/user/customer, you should contact kelliotika.gr via e-mail to cancel your order in 48 hours from the moment of receipt of the e-mail update to change the conditions of execution of the order. Otherwise the kelliotika.gr would normally performs his order.

Force majeure

Kelliotika.gr is not responsible for delay or failure to execute the order due to force majeure, including but not limited to reported cases of bad weather, fire, flood, explosion, war, strike, embargo, political instability, carrier strike etc. If for reasons of force majeure kelliotika.gr cannot deliver the products on time, we will inform the user/visitor/customer via e-mail in order to register within 48 hours from the receipt of the e-mail newsletter if they wish, under these circumstances, the checkout. The kelliotika.gr is released by the purchase agreement if for reasons of force majeure may execute the request or the implementation thereof becomes unprofitable for the kelliotika.gr.

Order Cancellation

With the completion of the order process, your order may be cancelled up to the time of dispatch of the confirmation mail for shipment of the products. After the point in time it will not be possible to cancel. To cancel your order please contact mail at info@kelliotika.gr

Product Returns

The user/customer has right to return products purchased and received within 14 days from the date of receipt of a request (taking into account the limitations discussed below). To make the user/customer to return products must inform in writing the kelliotika.gr at info@kelliotika.gr . The products must be brought in the state received, without their packaging has been broken. In case of returned products in perfect condition, the user/customer is charged only with the cost of returning goods.

Kelliotika.gr assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind and nature, direct or indirect, which may be caused to the products during the process of return. The user / customer is responsible for the good condition of the goods during their return to kelliotika.gr by the the way he chooses to be shipped. Kelliotika.gr advises users / customers to use for returning goods a courier company to allow supervision of the returned package, since kelliotika.gr will approve the return of the money returned products only if and when the products reach in excellent condition and checked by the staff thereof.

Kelliotika.gr has no responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind and nature whatsoever, direct or indirect which may be caused to products during the process of their return. The user/customer is responsible for the good condition of the goods upon their return to kelliotika.gr as he chooses. The kelliotika.gr advises users/customers to use for returning products courier company to enable the monitoring of the returned package, after the kelliotika.gr will approve the refund on returned products only if and when the products arrive in perfect condition and controlled by his staff.

Shipping of the original order are not refundable.

In the event that the user/customer contact kelliotika.gr for product return and didn’t carried it out, the money will not be returned. Kelliotika.gr has the right to recover the goods and to charge the customer/user for any costs. Product returns at the expense of kelliotika.gr will not be accepted.


Refund are made in the same way as the payment. In the event that the user/visitor/customer wishes to return the products purchased, a refund will be processed within 30 days from the day that kelliotika.gr will receive the products and determines that they are in the condition they were received, without being unsealed from their packaging.

Contract cancellation

Kelliotika.gr shall be entitled to cancel any contract of sale in the present terms of sale in the event of failure of payment of the total cost of its products when making your order or in any other case in any way the user/visitor/customer acting contrary to the obligations arising from these terms.

Consequences of cancellation

In case of cancellation of the contract, kelliotika.gr is being released from any obligation towards the user/customer and particularly his obligation for shipment of products that have not been sent.


Kelliotika.gr is not liable for defects or poor quality of products available to its customers. The products received from suppliers packed and any warranties regarding the products come from suppliers and relate to them. In any case kelliotika.gr is not liable for any damages of any kind and nature whatsoever, direct or indirect which may result from use of the products. The kelliotika.gr does not warrant the merchantability, quality or fitness of the goods for a specific use.

Defective/wrong products

In case that on quantities delivered proven defective product or product that is not included in the order, the user/visitor/customer must notify in writing the kelliotika.gr at info@kelliotika.gr within 7 days of receipt. Upon return of the defective/wrong product in kelliotika.gr the visitor/user/customer has these options:

  • product replacement shipping fee of kelliotika.gr
  • ability to obtain credit vouchers kelliotika.
  • possibility of refund.

The visitor/user/customer has no other right to compensation.

Guarantees user/visitor/customer

The visitor/user/customer warrants that:

  • is of legal age and are legally able to sign a legally binding agreement for the acquisition of rights and obligations under these terms of sale.
  • the information provided on kelliotika.gr is truthful, accurate and complete.

Modification of conditions of sale

Kelliotika.gr reserves the right to amend or renew the terms and conditions of trade. The visitor/user/customer must check this page often for any changes.