Traditional Athonite Recipes Greek/ Παραδοσιακές Αγιορείτικες Συνταγές

Traditional Athonite Recipes Greek (small)

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The book is in Greek TRADITIONAL ATHONITE RECIPES. Father Nikitas H.C Virgin Mary “Portaitissa”, Mount Athos.

It contains 100 recipescorresponding pictures from Mount Athos

One of the most tiring deaconships in Mount Athos, is being a cook.Early in the morning, the cook must prepare food so that the fathers can have their meal sa soon as Divine Liturgy is over. The food is always depended on the day. In Mount Athos, fast is upheld strictly. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays the meal is eaten without oil except for the celebrations. The deaconship is tiring but it can also be pleasant. The deacon monk feels pleasant when he can offer some rest to his brothers in the best way he can, by offering to them good and well-cooked food. Cooking, is an art. It demands experience, patience, inspiration, conscientiousness and desire. In case it becomes a chore, it can be too tiring and the result will not be the favourable one. So, the monk brings the woods to the fireplace or the oven with love and he prepares the ingredients he needs for his cooking. For his recipes, he often uses lots of vegetables, herbs, flavourings and pulses.....

( from the preface of the book)


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