Beeswax cream Chamomile /Κεραλοιφή χαμομηλιού
Beeswax creams/ Κεραλοιφές Αγίου Όρους
Beeswax creams/ Κεραλοιφές Αγίου Όρους

Beeswax cream Chamomile

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Mount Athos Beeswax Cream with Chamomile

In Mount Athos, in the Holy Cell of Saint George, the monks continue the ancient and rich tradition in order to create healing products of high quality, made of pure goods which are cultivated in Blessed Mary's garden. This Mount Athos ointment is a 100% natural product does not contain any chemical or toxic substances.

Properties : Suitable for eczema, ideal for healing wounds and relieving the babies irritated skin.

Content : 50 ml.


Thursday, 06 September 2018
Best beeswax ointment!