Holy Cell of Divine Ascension also known as "Koukounaria" and "Ntavila" is located in the region of Karyes, in the hills southwest of the village on the main road axis of Karyes – Dafni. The Holy Cell cell is dedicated to the Ascension of Christ at Karyes on Mount Athos and was built in 1872.

The cell was built by Russian monks. According to testimonies after the completion of the cell the resident monk left and it was settled by Greek monks. In the late 20th century the cell was inhibidated by holy monk Bartholomew and monk Dionysius who were preoccupied with the cultivation of ornamental plants (Camellia – gardenia). After the death of the second in 1993 and the withdrawal of the first in the Holy Monastery of Iviron due to old age, the cell was abandoned by the year 2001 up to 2004.

Today the Holy Cell of Divine Ascension is inhibitaded by monk Jacob and his handiwork is the production, processing and packaging of aromatic herbs. With love and respect he cultivates herbs in a traditional way without pesticides and other chemicals.