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Exclusion of warranties

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Exclusion of liability for information

The content and information contained in this online store does not constitute advice or instruction of any kind and we do not in any case to be considered as valid information or advice, neither are concealing in any case any exhortation for the company or not specific acts. Kelliotika.gr in no way guarantee the integrity, the completeness of the information and the absence of any errors more because of its very big volume of products and information, as well as the participation of other entities (natural or legal persons) in its primary production and collection of material of this online store. Therefore, visitors/users/customers of using its services by their own initiative, take the responsibility to cross check the given information. Users/visitors/clients are urged to seek advice/instruction from qualified scientists in each case presented need advice or directive regarding any issue.

Limitation of liability

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Indicatively but not restrictively it is stated that the kelliotika.gr not be liable under any circumstances, including negligence:

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The above may arise directly or indirectly from accessing, using or navigating this webstore or by storing any material from this online store including petitioner without limitation anything any caused by virus, error in the program, human action or omission thereof, from any computer system, phone line, computer accessory, software, or program malfunction or any other mistake , failure or delay in the transmission from your computer or from the network connection.

This disclaimer extends to the whole of the information store and any damage can be triggered independently of reason.